Help for Annuity Owners

Being ready for retirement doesn’t just mean you’ve saved enough money. It also means feeling confident because you have the guaranteed income you need.

We are a Registered Investment Advisory firm, working to help investors make informed decisions on annuity investing. Our goal is to better educate annuity investors to assist them to reduce costs, income taxes, estate taxes and preserve wealth for the future.

About Us

Our Beliefs

We believe that annuities may deserve a place in the financial planning world when safety and guarantees are called for. Our mission is to provide balanced advice to assist clients find the most competitive annuity product for accumulation or income, as well as strategies to save money on estate and income taxes from annuities down the road. We believe in research, asset allocation and taking a consultative approach to help clients reach their objectives, putting their interests foremost.

How We Can Help You

Phone Appointment

We are able to provide both telephone and video call information in a secure, convenient hassle-free environment with an experienced licensed professional. We can work in most states when properly licensed.

Research Solutions

Our job is to help you shop, compare and save on life and annuity insurance products. 

Sometimes, an Annuity investment was not placed correctly or your objectives have changed. We can help research solutions to taxes and in some cases provide greater wealth to pass on.

Provide Information

Lets start a dialogue so we can get a better understanding of your needs and objectives.

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Become a Client

Our Difference is summarized by our fiduciary approach which enables us to better meet client portfolio and retirement plan objectives, resulting in stronger risk adjusted returns for investors and peace of mind for Clients. Our goals include:

  • Achieve Client investment objectives;
  • Reduce investment expenses;
  • Improve long term investment returns; and
  • Mitigate both fiduciary risk and investment risk.

Naples Asset Management Company ®, LLC, (“NAMCOA®”) is a SEC registered investment advisory firm that provides comprehensive portfolio management, financial planning and fiduciary decision making services on behalf of retirement plan sponsors.

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